Dare To Care Program

Our Dare Care initiative was inspired by the desire to make a difference in the lives of
people impacted by the crises brought on by COVID-19. During the pandemic, a cursory visit
to some of our marginalised communities showed young children sitting on the steps of
their homes or congregating on the roadside, unengaged in meaningful activity,
unsupervised, under nourished, and overcome by frustration, anxiety and fear for their
future. These were some of the cumulative impacts of businesses downsizing, adults
becoming unemployed, families lacking the basic resources to support the development of
their children.
Meeting the basic necessities of life became a priority for these children and their families
and Hands in Unison responded with care packages and Christmas Boxes of groceries.
The pandemic may be subsiding, but the hardships faced by many families continue.

Dare to Care! Help to bring hope to families in need!

Hands in Unison invites you to contribute to this cause as we mobilise to assist select
communities in Kingston and Manchester. We welcome your gifts of cash, non-perishable
food items, educational toys, school supplies, and electronic devices to enable remote
schooling. Community based institutions with computer labs are invited to consider making
their facilities available to small groups of children and to facilitate homework assistance
programmes so that our children can regain the ground they lost in their educational
development due to COVID-19.

By joining hands in unison, we can make a difference now,
and rekindle hope for a brighter future.