Mrs. Ruth-Ann Pinnock
Executive Director

Ruth-Ann Pinnock is an Educator who is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the youth of Jamaica. She is passionate about seeing young people gain access to education and be nurtured to realize their maximum potential.

 As an educator, she has worked in both mainstream and special education, with a very special passion for children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. She has taught at both the secondary and tertiary levels, focusing on technology in education and psychology.

She garnered a wealth of experience through her missionary service aboard the Logos Book Ship, which took her to 11 countries.  Ruth-Ann Pinnock has also worked on sustainable change projects within rural Jamaican communities and this experience heightened her awareness of the urgent need to nurture resilience among our children and young people. Her deep passion for nurturing the young gave rise to the establishment of Joining Hands in Unison.

Dr. Iris Soutar

Iris Soutar is a career Special Educator and advocate dedicated to improving the quality of life for D/deaf persons in Jamaica. She has championed development of the Deaf community for over 40 years through her work with the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD). Her firm belief in the potential of D/deaf persons to make a significant contribution to nation building has fuelled her passion to empower D/deaf persons in order to elevate the Deaf community. As Executive Officer of the JAD, for over 28 years, she has spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of Deaf education, lifting the status of the language and culture of the Deaf community and creating communication access for effective integration of D/deaf persons in mainstream society.

As a founding member and chair of Abilities Foundation for over 25 years, she has served on the National Advisory Board on Disability and contributed to the development of the 2000 National Policy on Disability and later, 2014 Disability Act. As a committed Christian, she has consistently offered leadership to programmes for children and youth in partnership with her husband at their home church.

Mrs. Lorene Pinnock

Lorene Pinnock is a Certified Wedding and Event Planner who left her career in accounting to follow her passion for ministry and love for weddings. Lorene is the former co-owner of J&L Wedding Décor and Event Planner for Event Alive (Grand Cayman). Lorene, who has been in the Wedding Industry for over 15 years, started as a wedding photographer after completing her studies at Edna Manley. She is now the CEO of The LP Effect. 

Lorene is a very active member of her church and community. For over 35 years she has served on several boards and with community groups in capacities such as President of Women’s Ministry, Back to School Director, Yodel Girls Home Board, Assistant Logistics Director, Hospitality Director, National Talent Showcase Board, President Beautification Ministry, West Bay after School programme (Grand Cayman). Sunday School Superintendent, Children’s Choir Director, and Performing Arts Director.

Mr. Ojay Henry
Director & Company Secretary

Ojay Henry is a dedicated Civil Servant committed to the advancement of local governance and community development in an effort to bring about a better quality of life for all Jamaicans. He is passionate about service within the body of Christ and desires to bring about change for disenfranchised children and youth within his community and Jamaica.

He brings to his role as Company Secretary, a methodical nature and eye for detail. His exuberant appreciation for technology allows him to keep abreast of the rapidly changing technology in this era of gadgets. He applies this knowledge as Audio Visual Team Leader in his local church.

Through his engagement in small missionary projects by his local church within the community, he understands that sometimes the simplest of gestures, when emanating from the heart, can be life-changing for someone else. 

Mr Androski Spicer

Androski has long had a vision for helping the youths across Jamaica realize their God-given potential and Hands in Unison has given him a platform to realize this vision.